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Did all that really happen?
-Yes, but the details have been lost with time.
It all happened so very long ago.
When can i go to the stars?
-One day my sweet.
What will be there?
-Anything you can imagine.

Tell me another story about the Shepard.
-It's getting late, but okay.

Happy -138 Birthday Shepard, we miss you <3

Fallout 4, Nick Valentine on a cup, why not? :) by Aku-Soku-San
Fallout 4, Nick Valentine on a cup, why not? :)
I've said it before and i'm about to say it again.
I Love Nick Valentine :)
But i can't friggin draw him properly (yet)
Anyways, painted myself a Nick Valentine cup for this Valentine hehuehue
Could look worse :) Bought a cheap cup from ikea and then painted it with
Porcelain paint from pebeo.
Thranduil makeuptest by Aku-Soku-San
Thranduil makeuptest
I've thrown some makeups up here today so i thought," hey let's submit one more."
I bought a very cheap contouring palette not long ago because i've been so curious over how well it works.
I tried to alter my face a bit to look like Thranduil (Lee Pace)
But i think my attempt was a bit to weak, i think i need to make harsher lines with the makeup to really bring out his features.
I'll have to practice a lot more :) But it was fun!

And yes, i'm to lazy to remove my piercings here to. I'm a lazy forestzombietroll zzz
Fallout 4 John Hancock makeup by Aku-Soku-San
Fallout 4 John Hancock makeup
So i'm in love with Fallout 4, have been playing it a little to much haha :) Anyways, i love Nick but you can't romance the guy (shame) so he's my Bff. And i actually romanced Hancock in the end. And do i love him, yes, very much so :) His voice is so gorgeous and i really like his character, and his story ofc! (And Ghouls are pretty cool tbh)

Aaaanyways, i have black sclera lenses at home and i really wanted to try and do a Hancock makeup.
Turned out ok i think but i kinda look like Freddie to haha :) used some contouring palette and eyeshadows and a bit of sculptgel. That's about it!

Edit: Yes i know it would look much better without my piercings. But i can't close them myself (to fat fingers and slippery tight piercings) and i really were in no mood to go to a studio and have them fix my piercings just for one makeup :) I'm Lazy!

Check out my insta if you wanna see a videoclip of it! :D
instagram: @Sofieschening
Mass Effect Thane Krios makeup by Aku-Soku-San
Mass Effect Thane Krios makeup
I made a makeup the other day where i used my black sclera lenses, my friend called them Thane lenses so ofc i had to make a Thane makeup haha :)
Came out quite ok, i didn't have a baldcap so i haxxed around it and i used a bit of sculptgel to cover my brows. The rest of the makeup is just plain bodypaint and some eyeshadows :)

Thane apparently has his commander tattooed hehuhehue ;)

Edit: I'm sorry that i'm lazy and didn't remove my piercings for this makeup. Yes it would look a lot better without them but i can't really close up my rings by myself (fat fingers and slippery tight piercings) and i was in no mood to get to a studio in town ( i live in the forest, town is friggin faaaar away) and make them close them for me. They charge you for that to! D: lazy zombie here zzzzzz
Happy N7 day ppl! :D
I hope you all had a great one!
  • Listening to: Dream Theater
  • Playing: Mass Effect
  • Eating: Candy
  • Drinking: Pepsi


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Current Residence: Resident Evil
Favourite genre of music: any form of metal, soundtracks from video games n movies and so on
Favourite style of art: surreal, fantasy related :P
Favourite Gaming character: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Vaas, Garrus, Javik, Link, Batman, Dante n so ooon :P
Personal Quote: feel free to stare point and ask silly questions

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